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You choose keywords for your Web site is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing. If error, wasting time, resources and money to seek enough quality traffic ranking for terms that aren't too difficult to generate revenue. There are a few simple steps that you need to perform in the hunt for the keyword that you want to use on your site. Today themes and questions are: what makes a good good keyword and what is a bad bad keyword?There is certain criteria with which to find good keywords. These include:. Too much competition has low competition. There was no strength and quickly rules. But with the traffic of Travis competition Checker will give you a good idea if a keyword has exposed to strong competition. Travis traffic uses several factors to calculate the competition and offers a degree of difficulty on a scale from mild to severe. In this example (the traffic used competition Travis checker on the SEO tab) to that dog training is very difficult to classify, is training much easier during problems with dogs. High search volume. It is pointless, high for a keyword, rank, if anyone is looking. Usually more the merrier band search. However, this must be balanced with the level of competition. A minimum of Sandpoint is 200 accurate traffic travis backlinks global search queries per month (the exact words of the time we include this). Web theme relevant to multiple websites based on a topic or a niche. You want the most important words that around your site to build relevant for the topic. If your website is about dog training, will be such as keywords on the formation of your Hamster of little use. Will probably turn there is a big difference between browsers and buyers. You like the keywords that attracts buyers (for higher conversion rates) than those who surf just free information on the Internet, even if the buyer of the keyword search volume is usually much less. ? An example of a keyword is dog training navigation for free advice, the best key dog training book buyers. . Competitive cost-per-click (CPC), when the site with the pay-per-click advertising such as Google AdWords, you want keywords, the no capital cost to a marketing campaign to create. If your site is a $30 product sold, then, it will be difficult to make money when you pay $5 per click. On the other hand, if you want to monetize your website with pay-per-click advertising such as Google AdSense, this command would then you keywords a decent price, because you get some of this money. Keywords are not very specific. If you use this option, the Travis show keyword searches refers to the vague on its opening, phrase or Word. Looking after these offered the widest range of results. The keyword field can provide but also less relevant key ideas. Searches included the initial sentence, but other possible words include. This leads through great specific and targeted results. For example, a search on dog training could bring results in the dogs obedience or dog obedience training. Exact keyword search contains the first set of the exact sequence, and are best to find closely related keywords, you may qualify. Use the tool Palabras Clave, the Travis founded (as pictured above) for more accurate results for that search volume and the potential of better keywords the traffic precisely. Here is an example of the right keywords is traffic Travis for expression of dog training. Highly relevant notice to the original set. Also should note that the dog collar training one of these words in the potential buyer looking for. 8 Global monthly 100 searches (many more up from our 200 minimum account) and refers to a particular type of product. Read the Google AdWords options to learn more about expression big word that corresponds to the exact matches, and how they relate to help in the search by keyword. For those of you building a site in a language other than English, make sure that words of Travis said voice traffic. Things to avoid: when choosing a domain name, the better to avoid hyphens between the words. Do not try that otherwise numbers or letters before and after the keyword to make. I can't find any information about keyword research. : Make sure that you are connected to the Internet, and you are logged on a Google account when the tool, reports by keyword. Return the results of the keyword tool, must also Internet Explorer 7 (or higher) installed on your computer (Google keeps blocking me. ) What can I do?: If you are blocked by Google, you should probably wait one or two hours previously, as you again from within the movement, are looking for Travis. In addition, you must configure a proxy if possible. Another thing that can help delay increases (file > program options > Internet). This slight delay your research and reduce the risk of blocking. In the next newsletter, we look to optimize website content search Web positioning top selection. At the same time in this way with the main traffic Travis search function and find some good ideas key for your Web site!We wish you much success, until the other traffic of Travis. Keywords for the Professional Edition of traffic of Travis 10 times faster than the free version. With the free version, limited to five keywords for the search with the keyword-search tool (200 hits). Professional you can enter up to 200 seeds of words and get up to 2. 000 results for every search. Click here to upgrade to the Pro Travis movement today. .